Raja Ampat

West Papua - Triton Bay to Raja Ampat

Explore West Papua and its numerous secluded walking tracks, lush rainforest, marine biodiversity and beautiful waterfalls that are ideal for exploratory hiking, and ancient rock art that can be seen while kayaking.




Triton Bay




Kofiau Island


Day 1 - Saturday: Kaimana

Kaimana is a small port town in West Papua where your cruise will start. Once you settle onboard, your yacht will depart towards the Iris Strait, among Aiduma Island and mainland Papua.

Dives include Christmas Rock, famous for its black coral forest, fantastic wildlife, including a unique and diverse bird population. Later you can enjoy a relaxing dinner onboard.

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Visit Christmas Rock 

Enjoy Water-sports 

Relax and Enjoy Dinner Onboard

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Day 2 - Sunday: Triton Bay

Triton Bay hides away incredible beauty and marine treasures which makes this place a scuba divers’ dream.

Enjoy hidden coves, caves, and gorgeous lagoons. We recommend you to enjoy watersports, go kayaking around stunning bays, or perhaps go for a swim and relax under the sun. You can also head north by speedboat through the Namatote Passage. Here you can enjoy fascinating ancient rock art, cliff landscapes dotted with cave paintings.

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Dive at Namatote

See Whale Sharks 

Enjoy Fascinating Ancient Art


Day 3 - Monday: Tanjung Papisoi

You will visit Tanjung Papisoi where you can find the most beautiful dive spots with the most extraordinarily diverse marine life, where over 300 species have been recorded at the Papisoi Cape dive site alone.

You can go for a hike and explore the magical Papisoi waterfall and island wildlife. On your adventure, you may come across Papua kangaroos, doves and deer.

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Go Diving 

Explore Hiking Trails 

Go Swimming and Enjoy Water-sports

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Day 4 - Tuesday: Momon

On the mainland of West Papua, you will come across a spectacular waterfall plunging straight into the turquoise sea.

Witness the captivating Papuan jungle and approach the waterfalls by tender, where you can jump into the ocean and swim directly next to the waterfall for the most refreshing swim of your life. After enjoying this coastal paradise you'll head back onboard for a relaxing dinner under the stars.

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Swim Beside the Waterfalls 

Go for a Refreshing Swim

Relax Onboard and Enjoy Dinner


Day 5 - Wednesday: Pisang

In the morning, you will cruise to Pisang Island, also known as “Banana Island.”

This tropical paradise offers a chance to unwind and enjoy dazzling white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and gorgeous reefs, before making your way to the beaches of West Papua. Cruise along the shores until you reach the village of Sipitnanam. This rural village will impress you with its preserved traditions, friendly residents, gorgeous nature, and nutmeg plantations.

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Visit West Papua Beaches 

Explore Rural Village 

Active Day and Water-sports

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Day 6 - Thursday: Misool

This morning, you will reach Misool, where you can enjoy sandy beaches, a nice dive, or snorkel in the crystal-clear waters.

Later, visit the Farondi Islands, surrounded by stunning tropical waters, lagoons, and beaches. In the afternoon, head ashore for a hike to the village of Lenmolas and reach the local inhabitants to learn more about Indonesian history and culture.

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Explore Dive Sites of Goa Besar and Verena's Garden 

Visit "Gus Sacral" Caves of Timolol

Day at the Beach


Day 7 - Friday: Kofiau Island

Visit a picturesque village on Kofiau Island consisting of coral limestone and volcanic hills covered in lush rainforest, offering an abundance of pristine nature.

We recommend you to go swimming and sunbathing on the beaches, or snorkeling. Back on board, you can enjoy lunch while you cruise to Boo Islands, famous for its lush jungle. Here you can go diving in Boo Kecil Lagoon or trek on isolated islands to admire the exotic wildlife.

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Exploration by Dinghy

Go Hiking and Admire Native Wildlife

Go Snorkeling

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Day 8 - Saturday: Check-out

The time to say goodbye to your yacht and crew has arrived. After breakfast, check-out is anytime up until 09:00 a.m in Sorong Harbor.

We advise you to confirm check-out logistics and onward planning (e.g. transfer to the airport) with your Goolets Advisor during the finalization procedure (prior to departure, your Advisor will assist with your itinerary/ preferred route, and finalise details).
We are here to help you make sure all these transitions are organized and completed in a smooth and efficient way.

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Transfers from Yacht to Airport 

Last Day Excursions

Luggage Assistance

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